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Staff Appreciation

Staff Council Appreciation Nomination

March 2014

Scholarship Team

Scholarship TeamI would like to nominate the Scholarships team.  Why?  Over the last 7 months, they have gone through many changes.  From a retiring associate director and losing a senior member of the team, losing another team member unexpectedly, to being displaced around the office during construction. The scholarships team has stepped out the ashes of a very tumultuous fall semester to a renewed and reenergized team.  The AD, Melanie Martinez, as well as new members Belinda Guevara and Alejandra Gonzalez join the existing team of Leanne Arispe, Venetia Coleman and Justin Bingham.  And for the first time, Paul Remmert has now officially joined the team. Change is never easy. And with the amount of change that the scholarship team went through in such a short amount of time, it would have been understandable to buckle under the pressure of it all. But they stood tall, and stood strong, and because of that, the team is now stronger than ever.

February 2014

Grounds TeamOffice of Facilities, Operations and Maintenance Grounds Team

“It would be my privilege to nominate some members from our Grounds Team in the Facilities, Operations and Maintenance area for the Staff Council Award. I especially would like to commend the two supervisors, Della Reyes and Frederick Wiedner. They have always worked extremely hard to comply with all of the grounds campus needs. On January 24, UTSA experienced an ice day; these people spent the night of January 23 on campus to make sure the campus would be prepared for the forthcoming ice. Their first priority was to keep our faculty, staff and students well protected and safe. They worked all through the night in preparation for this bad weather. They experienced the same situation again on the night of January 27. These people deserve to be recognized and awarded by our UTSA Staff Council for their commitment to keeping our university safe at all times. They worked their 8 hour shifts during the day and continued to work throughout the night spreading deicing materials and taping off areas that posed potentially hazardous conditions to any pedestrians that may have remained on campus. "


November 2013

Physics and Astronomy DepartmentDepartment of Physics and Astronomy

“When the administrative manager moved to another department, the senior administrative associate took on the responsibility of interim administrative manager while maintaining her current job duties.  At a time when teamwork was needed the most, the staff members worked diligently together to demonstrate leadership and provide excellent service to faculty, students and other entities at UTSA, and avoided giving the impression of being short staffed. The senior administrative associate was hired as the administrative services officer, which was a huge transition and depended on the staff and their knowledge as a whole to help during the transition of hiring two new employees and assisting with their training and familiarity with UTSA. Despite the administrative trials & transitions, the Physics & Astronomy staff have overcome and continue to make significant contributions in a professional manner in an effort to effectively serve and improve the department and the UTSA community.”

October 2013

Jennifer SnellgroveJennifer Snellgrove, senior administrative associate for the vice president for business affairs

"Thank you so much for everything that you have done for Staff Council and the UTSA community.  You have been a huge asset to us, and we really appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions.  Thank you for your patience and professionalism and for setting an example of what an excellent UTSA representative can be."