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Changing the Future of Science

Leaders emerge from the College of Sciences — in research and in education. Our programs impart the knowledge and skills required for success in competitive global marketplaces. We seek to inspire students of all ages and backgrounds to pursue research and applied sciences through traditional learning; collaborative, hands-on work; and outreach to pre-college aged students.

COS Research Newsletter

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Recent News

04/22/16 America Ruiz (Biology) is the first UTSA student awarded the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

04/20/16 Meet a Roadrunner: Jennifer Watts (Biology)

04/14/16 The Graduate School has awarded Andrew Mendiola (Biology) a 2016 Presidential Dissertation Fellowship

04/14/16 Dr. John Quarles develops underwater virtual reality game to treat multiple sclerosis

04/12/16 Dr. Hector Aguilar receives UTSA's President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching Excellence

03/23/16 Meet a Roadrunner: Tyler Wynne (Physics)

03/08/16 Dr. Marina Suarez receives grant to study climate change in Earth’s distant past

02/26/16 Dr. Bernard Arulanandam talks about infectious diseases in a SA Express News article

02/25/16 Dr. Brian Hermann was tapped by The Scientist for his expertise

02/24/16 Meet a Roadrunner: Manuel A. Rodriguez III (Physics)

02/15/16 Dr. Matthew Gdovin develops new, non-invasive method to wipe out cancerous tumors

02/01/16 Dr. Kirsten Hanson receives $670,000 grant to fight malaria

01/28/16 UTSA receives $1 million gift from Semmes Foundation to establish the Semmes Foundation Endowed Chair in Cell Biology

01/25/16 Dr. Carlos Paladini receives $1.8 million grant to support dopamine research

01/05/16 A team of researchers led by Dr. Eric Schlegel finds black hole affecting galactic climate

01/04/16 Dr. Arturo Ponce-Pedraza identifies and characterizes new material that could revolutionize electronics

Fall 2015 Commencement Spotlight: Tawanda Kamucheka is a Biology major graduating magna cum laude with Highest Honors

12/05/15 UTSA Mathematics Students Excel In William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

12/04/15 UTSA Innovation Awards:
Innovator of the Year - Dr. Arturo Ayon; Recipients of Issued Patents - Drs. Arturo Ayon, Jose Lopez-Ribot, Kay Robbins, and Rajendra Boppana;
Licensing Revenue - Drs. Arturo Ayon and Doug Frantz;
I-Corps™ Recognition - Dr. Matthew Gdovin's laboratory

12/2015 Dr. Banglin Chen invited to become editorial board member of ChemistrySelect by Wiley-VCH

11/23/15 Geology professor Dr. Hongjie Xie has received $748,705 from the U.S. Department of Education

11/11/15 Meet a Roadrunner: Jomari Guerrero (Biology)

11/06/15 Dr. John McCarrey's perspective on epigenetics featured in Science