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Texas Conference for Women



The Texas Conference for Women provides connection, motivation, networking, inspiration and skill building for thousands of Texas women each year. The mission of the Conference for Women is to promote, communicate and amplify the influence of women in the workplace and beyond. At our annual nonpartisan, nonprofit conferences, we bring together thousands of active professionals to connect, renew, and find inspiration in community.

At the TCW, you'll learn how to:

  • Lead people and organizations to success
  • Deal with change
  • Market yourself
  • Manage your personal health and stress

The next conference and application date is TBD.

Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference


SBSLC was formed as a way for African American students from across the country could assemble to engage in meaningful personal and professional development while addressing the problem and concerns that affect the Black community. Students of other ethnicities are also encouraged to attend SBSLC.
Previous Workshop Topics:

  • Revolutionizing Yourself
  • Innovative Leadership
  • Educational and Professional Programs
  • Achieving Black Excellence

Apply on RowdyLink.




This conference has been designed for the rising leader who is formulating his or her voice for the future and for the seasoned leader who is working to share a vision.

Leadership Takeover is designed to prepare UTSA leaders to:

  • Identity at least two techniques that will help you transform your leadership ideas into action.
  • Define what leadership means to you.
  • Identify at least one skill/ability you posses and at least one skill/ability that you do not possess that contributes to positive teamwork.

Click here to submit a presentation proposal and to find out about our proposal writing workshops coming up late September and October!

Baylor Multicultural Leadership


The Baylor Multicultural Leadership Summit aids in preparing student to engage culture while leading in an ever changing world.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhance students' cross-cultural competency and ability to work with people who are different from themselves
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of a healthy ethnic identity
  • Discover ways to build meaningful intra-dependent and inter-dependent relationships that foster collaboration



This is a conference that brings together rising Latino leaders from across the nation to teach, empower and inspire young students. The Latino Leadership Summit also serves as a way to introduce issues in the Latino community that may not be discussed often.


Foster development and growth among attending college students in order for their advancements in education and careers.

The Texas Tribune Festival



This conference focuses on various areas of discussion including Texas' changing demographics and what it means for everyday Texans; pressing issues in public/higher education, criminal justice, immigration, health care, energy, the environment and transportation. This conference aligns with the SLC's priorities for student participants by providing them opportunity to hear from, and interact with, leaders on a range of pressing issues.


(September 25, 2017)

On Saturday, The University of Texas at San Antonio Student Leadership Center (SLC) took 37 students to the 7th annual Texas Tribune Festival (TribFest), in Austin. This conference aligns with the SLC's priorities for student participants by providing them opportunity to hear from, and interact with, leaders on a range of pressing issues. Attendees had nearly 50 sessions from which to choose, hearing from politicians, experts and thought leaders on a variety of topics.

The SLC supports students' attendance at conferences like this one with a pre-trip meeting which prepares attendees to make the most of their first professional conference. Students are briefed on what to expect and how to be prepared to make a positive first impression and take full advantage of the experience.

A post-conference reflection session helps students discuss the leadership-specific learning they experienced. As with all SLC programs, we also ask students to identify ways in which the experience contributes to their academic success and persistence and the UTSA community. And finally, we ask conference participants to identify a goal to apply what they gained from having attended TribFest.

Maria Hernandez, a senior Public Administration major, described the benefit she experienced. My experience at TribFest will support my academic success, by helping me be more civically involved. At the Tribfest I became more informed of topics being discussed at the present time, on the media and by many elected officials. It is important to learn where elected officials stand on the present topics, such as education, sanctuary cities, DACA and the environment, this helps us when elections come around. It is important to know how representatives think about the SB4, because I believe this is a law that is racist and will target only the Latino community."

Many attendees, like Juan Higa, a Senior Public Administration major, reported significant leadership-specific learning as a result of attending the Texas Tribune Festival. "Being able to attend the one-on-one session with Mike Morath, the Texas Education Commissioner, has enabled me to get an insight to how K-12 education works and the things that are needed in order for me to be more engaged in education."

Students also enjoyed and were challenged by the broad range of perspectives they heard. "The Texas Tribune Festival was an amazing experience," explained freshman Public Health major Aubrey Alcala, "It allowed me to meet and hear from inspiring individuals who created or implemented change in some way, and I would definitely recommend for everyone to attend this festival as well."