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Web Exclusives

Web Exclusives
Kicking It

Research being done by UTSA Engineering and SiViRT

Web Exclusives
Truckin Tomato

View a video about Shaun Lee’s enterprise, go to

Web Exclusives
Under the Motarboard

View more profiles of UTSA graduates, go to

Web Exclusives
Let' Circle It

View the report, go to

Web Exclusives
Let the Word Go Forth

View a presentation of “Let the Word Go Forth.”

Web Exclusives
Rowdy Cents

For more information about this service for UTSA students.

Web Exclusives
Honorable Quest

The university’s newest faculty members come from around the globe and bring with them unique expertise and research.

Web Exclusives
Boomtown, Texas

It seems to have happened overnight. With the discovery of the Eagle Ford Shale, small towns across the southern half of Texas are dealing with more people, more housing needs and more money.

Web Exclusives
A Formula for Success

The advantages of a math degree really add up.

Web Exclusives
Healing Water

In a small village in Peru, clean water is a luxury most can’t afford. A group of UTSA students is installing a water distribution system to sustain all 500 residents.

Web Exclusives
The Lipstick Effect

When it comes to choosing a mate, the decision for women often comes down to hormones

Web Exclusives
Dress for Success

Center provides interview training and a wardrobe

Web Exclusives

Man on the Street

Web Exclusives
The Movement

A journey through the South takes 40 UTSA students to places where civil rights history was made.

Web Exclusives
We Are UTSA - A Top-Tier Campaign

UTSA embarks on its first-ever capital campaign.

Web Exclusives
UTSA Student Veterans

After returning from war zones, these veterans have found a place at UTSA to recover and cope. They also find the assistance they need to complete their degrees. Hear them tell their stories.

Web Exclusives
Sacred Places

Sacred places aren’t simply the ones with golden spires that sprout above treetops. They’re often small nuggets nestled quietly in the most surprising places, as one UTSA architecture class discovered.

Web Exclusives
The more things change…

Change has been a by-word on the UTSA campus in recent years, and the changes here are phenomenal in their scope. Guest columnist Gage E. Paine, vice president for student affairs, explores how despite these changes, some things remain the same.

Web Exclusives
Vein Research Grant

A team of engineers from UTSA and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio received a five-year, $1.8 million RO1 grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the causes of arterial tortuosity, also known as artery twisting or curling.

Web Exclusives
The Tejano Sacrifice

Here's a little known fact regarding the Civil War: Approximately 2,550 Tejanos fought for the Confederacy, while 900 Tejanos served in the Union Army. Study explores the treatment of Tejano vets after the Civil War

Web Exclusives
New York, New York

Mabry, an associate professor of music, lived out a lifetime dream in March when he was a guest conductor at Carnegie Hall. Mabry led a group of 60 performers, who included current members of the UTSA’s Women’s Choir and members of the UTSA Women’s Alumnae Choir.

Web Exclusives
Early Intervention

How do pre-reading children use cognitive thinking skills and word skills to understand spoken text? That’s the mystery Brenda Hannon, assistant professor of psychology, is trying to solve.

Web Exclusives
UTSA team studies Mexico’s highest point

Blake Weissling is getting a first-hand look at one of the only pieces of glacial ice left in the tropical northern hemisphere.

Web Exclusives
Barry Klinge '06

Barry Klinge is sitting at the airport waiting to catch a flight to Gettysburg, Penn. He and his younger brother, Brad—co-stars of the Discovery Channel reality show Ghost Lab—are on their way to the Phenomenology 102 convention

Web Exclusives
Virtual Possibilities

UTSA is joining a $250,000 UT System initiative that just might transform under­graduate education. Read about faculty and staff members who are teaching students in the virtual world of Second Life.

Web Exclusives

The College of Architecture held its first study abroad summer program in Japan this year. See a slideshow from the students’ trip to explore traditional and contemporary architecture in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Web Exclusives
Rock ’n’ Roll, Family-Style

Power pop and straight-up rock ’n’ roll with a ’60s vibe is the celebrated sound of Hacienda, a San Antonio quartet with UTSA roots. Read an interview with band members Dante Schwebel ’03 and Rene Villanueva ’06 and check out a video for their song, "She’s Got a Hold on Me."

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