A Vision for UTSA

Strategic Planning Themes and Initiatives

UTSA Strategic Plan

A Vision for UTSA

UTSA: San Antonio’s University of the Future

President Eighmy has outlined a vision for UTSA as San Antonio’s university of the future, producing graduates who tackle the grand challenges of today’s world.

A set of institutional themes and initiatives form the vision framework. President Eighmy is seeking the collective wisdom of the university community through a series of dialogues around these visionary ideas.

To build momentum, several initiatives launched this fall to address the highest priorities. These metrics-driven initiatives are highly integrated and have broadly representative task forces or committees.

Proposed Strategic Themes

A vision of UTSA’s future as an institution that serves students and society in transformational capacities.

THEME 1: A Great Multicultural Discovery Enterprise

As a learning and research enterprise and next generation Hispanic-Serving Institution, UTSA will foster innovation and creative discovery by channeling our expertise into tackling critical societal issues of today and tomorrow. Cultivating a research-intensive environment where underserved students can thrive results in prosperity and opportunities for all. Transdisciplinary discovery and continuous reinvention will fuel corporate and foundational partnerships, allowing us to leverage UTSA’s scholarly impact for the betterment of our world. Adopting a HSI-Carnegie R1 excellence model will propel UTSA to a new level of distinctiveness.

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THEME 2: An Exemplary Urban-Serving University of the Future

Great cities need great universities and great universities need great cities. San Antonio serves as a living laboratory for learning, discovery and engagement, providing opportunities for experiential learning, cradle to career education and developing leaders for tomorrow.  Active engagement with San Antonio’s educational and health care systems, business communities, cultural establishments and governmental entities will solidify UTSA’s role as a driver of San Antonio’s cultural and economic ecosystem.

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THEME 3: World Engaged

San Antonio is a multicultural, large city that serves as a portal to the Americas and the world. By building on our deep ties to Mexico and Latin America, we will bring some of the world’s greatest minds to UTSA, expanding global partnerships and learning opportunities for our students. As we prepare students to be thoughtful, engaged and world-ready citizens, we will take advantage of San Antonio’s unique global position. Our students will receive the intercultural knowledge they need to succeed as future leaders.

THEME 4: UTSA will Foster Exceptional Student Experiences

Creating an atmosphere where students feel welcome, supported and engaged is key to our retention and graduation efforts. UTSA will adopt a student-centric approach to our academic and out-of-classroom experiences, cultivating a sense of community even as our student population continues to grow. In alignment with U.T. System’s Quantum Leap on Student Success, we will ensure our students have outstanding experiences in all facets of their academic and co-curricular activities, all while developing their sense of belonging at UTSA.

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Proposed Institutional Effectiveness Themes

Reaching our vision requires an internal investment of our people and processes.

THEME 5: Cultivating the Excellence of our People

Universities can only achieve greatness through the cumulative intellectual talent of their students, faculty and staff. Claiming areas of distinction as an institution hinges on the quality of our people. Our role as a driver of San Antonio’s knowledge economy requires that we grow the talent of our people, and continue to recruit world-class thought-leaders, researchers, teachers and mentors. In order to reflect the community we serve, we will emphasize increasing the diversity of our leadership and faculty.

THEME 6: Operational and Infrastructure Excellence

All of our aspirations require effective and efficient solutions to resource utilization and infrastructure management. We will integrate innovative approaches and best practices to ensure our operational processes align with our goals, demonstrating nimbleness as an organization that resists ossification. This will require pursuit of new revenue streams, adoption of performance based budget models, monetization of our real estate assets and exploration of ways to reduce the financial debt burden on our students.

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