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Studies show students who reside on campus report a higher degree of satisfaction with their college experience, have higher retention and graduation rates, and are more likely to achieve a higher grade point average.

The convenience of living on campus is invaluable. Students are within walking distance of the library, classroom buildings, Student Union, dining options, and Recreation Center. They can get to their early morning classes without fighting traffic, and participate in a late-night study group at the library without concern about the drive home.

On-campus residents also have the added security of a dedicated University police force that patrols the campus 24 hours a day.

Off Campus Housing Options

For students considering living off campus, there are a number of options available. The Office of Student Life maintains a list of off-campus apartment complexes near the main campus as well as those near the downtown campus. Also available is a list of houses, rooms for rent in homes, and individuals searching for roommates. This information can be emailed to you per your request by contacting our office at 210-458-4720, or by email at

The listing of rental units on this site and/or in the Office of Student Life is simply provided as a convenience to The University of Texas at San Antonio's students, faculty, and staff.

The owners of the rental properties listed are solely responsible for reporting information fairly and accurately. The University does not review or verify such information and does not guarantee the fairness or accuracy of the information provided. The inclusion of any property or rental unit on this website or in the listings provided by the Office of Student Life does not constitute and shall not be construed or reported as an endorsement or approval by the University of the properties, their business practices, cleanliness, safety or other attributes, including but not limited to the properties' compliance with building, safety or fire codes, nor any representation of the owners or their management agents. The University expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any problems that may arise with regard to such rental units and with regard to disputes between landlords and tenants concerning such properties or rental units.

Please Note: All prospective tenants are encouraged to exercise their own good judgment when evaluating prospective rental units and landlords. Individuals are strongly advised to thoroughly investigate and inspect any property before making final arrangements. Before you rent, it is a good idea to research the safety record of the apartment complex and/or neighborhood.

Be a Good Neighbor

If you are considering moving into a house, make sure you are aware of all applicable zoning laws and homeowner's association requirements and abide by all of them. Please note that you may have many neighbors with full-time jobs, families, and small children so remain cognizant of how your actions may affect others.