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Campus Sustainability

UTSA Campus Sustainability Assessment
Nine graduate students and Dr. Hazem Rashed-Ali, of the College of Architecture, surveyed UTSA sustainability activities in May 2011. The university is already ranked at the Bronze Level.
UTSA Sustainable Dining
Discounts are offered to those with reusable cups, oil is recycled for biodiesel fuel, and empty wrappers are “upcycled” into other products.
The Green Fund
The Texas Green Fund Campaign is a statewide effort to encourage the creation of campus green funds for environmental projects on college and university campuses.
UTSA Sustainable Business Program
Sustainable businesses work to create a more environmentally friendly world, and the Institute for Economic Development’s Sustainable Business Program is here to help.
UTSA Facilities Conservation Efforts
Find useful energy and conservation tips to help you save money and ensure a greener future.
Campus Recycling
UTSA Recycling collects nearly 70,000 pounds of recyclables every month including paper, cardboard, bottles, cans and scrap metal. For bin locations, see the Recycling Bin locator map.


Sustainability Courses

  • CSM 4613: Sustainable Building Practice
  • ES 2013: Introduction to Environmental Systems I
  • GEO 5043: Global Change
  • ARC 5713: Environmental Architecture & Sustainability
  • CE 5733: Sustainable Energy Systems
  • GEO 6813: Water Resources