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About UTSA Sustainability

The president of UTSA established the UTSA Sustainability Council on Aug. 27, 2010, to enhance university efforts to support a "green" environment.

The UTSA Sustainability program promotes conservation initiatives and moves the university toward a more sustainable environment. The pillars of sustainability are: social change, environmental protection and economic development. The program aims to meet the needs of present users while ensuring that future generations can thrive. Students, staff, and faculty are focused on a wide range of programs to improve the environmental and energy performance of our campuses and of our communities.

How does UTSA define Sustainability?

In the UTSA Handbook of Operating Principles (HOP 9.43)

Sustainability is defined as meeting the needs of the present users without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This can be accomplished by seeking a balanced approach between the economic, social and environmental needs of the community and university operations. Understanding that sustainability can be viewed in a very broad context, this policy is initially directed towards the environmental and energy aspects as they relate to the UTSA community. Further evolutions of this policy may include the social and historical aspects that are often associated with broader sustainability efforts.

UTSA Sustainability Council Members

  • Council Chair: Dr. Keith Muhlestein, Director of Sustainability
  • Mr. Benjamin Perry, Director of Planning and Development/University Architect
  • Mr. Dan Gockley, Director, Housing and Residence Life
  • Ms. Kim West, Executive Director of Gift Planning
  • Mr. Noe Saldana, Director Research Advancement
  • Mr. Brian Halderman, Program Director, Center for Civic Engagement
  • Mr. Anthony Govea, student representative, SGA and UTSA Green Society
  • Ms. Rebecca DeLeon Hutton, President of UTSA Green Society
  • Secretary: Ms. Melissa May, Director of Communications for Business Affairs