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UTSA President Ricardo Romo with graduates

Raising graduation rates is top priority at UTSA

(March 16, 2006)--The UT System Board of Regents approved a resolution Feb. 9 which made raising graduation rates a top priority for the next decade.

As part of the resolution, each UT System academic institution is to align policies to maximize the positive impact on graduation rates. The policies to be reviewed include financial aid, academic advising, performance review, tuition, course scheduling, campus housing, curriculum, admissions and other institutional policies that improve graduation rates.

The goal set forth in the resolution is for each institution to make progress toward the national graduation rate averages. Currently, the national average six-year graduation rate for four-year public institutions is approximately 50 percent.

UTSA's graduation rates have increased in the past few years; the most current six-year graduation rate for UTSA is 29.1 percent. Although UTSA is moving in the right direction, more work remains.

"UTSA faculty and staff have worked throughout the institution's history to promote an inclusive environment that welcomes a diverse student population and to provide support for students' educational objectives," UTSA President Ricardo Romo said. "As UTSA moves forward in our efforts to enhance student success, it is important to acknowledge that progress has been made, and that we will continue moving forward to build on this foundation."

UTSA will conduct the UTSA Raising Graduation Rates Summit on March 24, 2006 for UTSA faculty and staff. For more information and to register, visit the summit Web site.

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