Terry Foundation adds scholarships to program

By Cindy Brockwell
Student Affairs Development Assistant

(Oct. 24, 2006)--The original game plan developed in October was to add eight Terry Scholars each year for four years, for a maximum of 32 Terry scholarship recipients at UTSA.

But last month, the Terry Foundation announced they would select 16 new scholarship recipients next fall, rather than the anticipated nine as were selected this year. And if all goes well, they would like to select an additional 16 in fall 2008.

In April, Terry Foundation staff came from their Houston headquarters to interview freshmen applicants for the scholarships that pay for up to $20,000 per student per year in funding to cover tuition, fees, books, campus room and board, and miscellaneous expenses. The scholarships may be renewed annually up to four years. Leadership, academic excellence and financial need are criteria considered during the selection process.

Why the change in plans?

"We have found that our program is most successful at universities where the administration is supportive, and the students desiring to attend the university are not only intellectually capable, but are highly motivated to succeed in a college environment," explained Ed Cotham, Terry Foundation president. "It did not take us long to see that UTSA fits both of those criteria."

"President Romo is one of the most dynamic and energetic leaders in Texas," added Cotham. "We want to build a program at UTSA that will continue to grow and help more and more deserving students in the future."

UTSA President Ricardo Romo expressed heartfelt appreciation on hearing the news. "It was a tremendous honor for UTSA to be selected as a Terry Scholars campus last year. Now, to have them double the number of scholarships after the first year is a testament to the caliber of our students and their commitment to complete their education."

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