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SNL comic Seth Meyers

'Saturday Night Live' comic Seth Meyers opens UTSA Roadrunner Days Aug. 26

(Aug. 12, 2009)--)--"Saturday Night Live" comic Seth Meyers will headline UTSA Roadrunner Days events this year. He will appear onstage for one performance at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 26 in the Convocation Center on the UTSA Main campus -- free to the UTSA community. The event is part of Roadrunner Days, a series of events that kick off the new academic year.

UTSA students will receive priority seating for the performance. With some mature material, audience discretion is advised for the comedy event.

Seth Meyers has completed eight seasons on "Saturday Night Live" with three seasons as head writer for the show. He has been co-anchor and sole anchor of "Weekend Update." Last year, the segment was seen several times in prime time as a result of the sketches about vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

According to the "Saturday Night Live" Web site, before focusing his attention solely on "Update," Meyers was a regular player in sketches, performing numerous characters and impressions, most notably an uncanny portrayal of Sen. John Kerry for the show's satire of the 2004 presidential election.

A graduate of Northwestern University, he studied and performed at ImprovOlympic (where many SNL cast members and writers got their starts, including cast members Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) before moving on to the Boom Chicago Theater in Amsterdam, Holland. His acclaimed show "Pick-ups and Hiccups" with partner Jill Benjamin toured Europe and eventually caught the eye of "SNL" producers.

Most recently, Meyers appeared in Paul Weitz' "American Dreamz." Additionally, Meyers wrote the script for the upcoming feature "Key Party" for Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video Motion Pictures. He also appeared alongside Brendan Fraser in the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth."


Roadrunner Days is the official UTSA kickoff for the new academic year, and the time to welcome new and returning students with a variety of free, fun and spirited events.

First-time freshmen are expected to attend Aug. 21-29 events with the Fall Convocation and College Orientations being mandatory. All students are encouraged to participate in events throughout the week as a way to make new friends and become more familiar with the UTSA experience.

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