Student Health Services calls for interview volunteers for HIV documentary

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(July 1, 2010)--To raise awareness among Hispanic people ages 18 to 25, UTSA Student Health Services is seeking participants for a documentary film on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Hispanic community. The producers of the video project are looking for people willing to discuss in on-camera interviews how HIV/AIDS has affected their lives.

Student Health Services staff decided a video could be an excellent way to create awareness of the virus that is silently affecting thousands every day. The video will illustrate statistics and the results of focus group discussions and an anonymous survey conducted before filming of the documentary.

Historically, cultural customs have prevented open discussion about sexual health in the Hispanic community. Openly discussing HIV or other sexual health-related topics is not encouraged because of the stigma that often accompanies individuals freely talking about these topics.

Often it is assumed that simply because one openly discusses HIV, AIDS or other sexual health-related topics that that person has HIV, AIDS or is sexually active, even though this may not be the case.

For more information, contact Howaida Werfelli at 210-458-6810.