UTSA College of Engineering offers course on sustainable energy systems beginning spring 2011

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(Oct. 18, 2010)--The course Special Topics in Environmental Engineering (5733) will be offered beginning in spring 2011 by the UTSA College of Engineering.

This course will explore various facets of sustainable energy systems and their role in securing America's energy future in the coming decades. The class will begin by examining national and global energy trends and the significant constraints on meeting future energy needs with current practices.

These constraints will include social, political, regulatory, technical and policy considerations. The course will explore quantitative and qualitative outputs from systems analyses that project the viability of alternative solutions to our energy needs.

There will be an examination of the technology and economics behind each alternative energy source and the major constraints to large-scale deployment. Additionally, there will be discussion of the role engineering, science, technology and policy must play in order to address these challenges.

Student projects and presentations will contribute to the interactive class forum that will includes guest lectures from regional and national experts and visits to centers of innovation and technology development in the San Antonio area.

For more information, contact Les Shephard at 210-458-6245.