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Foundation Year Program

Admission to the Major in Architecture or Interior Design

Students must successfully complete the common Foundation Year Program (FYP), consisting of 16 semester credit hours, in order to be eligible to apply for the FYP Gateway review process and subsequent admission into either the Bachelor of Science in Architecture major (ARC) or Bachelor of Science in Interior Design major (IDE). Students are strongly advised to complete the additional 15 credit hours of Core Curriculum courses in their first year of studies as well.

Students who have completed the FYP must submit a Gateway Application (an application to the major) by the first Monday in May for review and consideration for admission to the major of choice (ARC or IDE). Applications are available on the Department web site. FYP Gateway reviews are conducted at the conclusion of each Spring semester. Available openings within both the ARC and IDE majors are limited and, therefore, entry into each is competitive. Students not accepted into either of the two majors within the Department of Architecture in their first year of application will remain in the University College and will be eligible to reapply the following year. A student may reapply only once.

The Foundation Year Program requires the completion of the following courses (16 semester credit hours):

ARC  1113  Introduction to the Built Environment
ARC  1151  Introduction to Architecture and Design
ARC  1213  Design I
ARC  1223  Design II
ARC  1313  Design Visualization
ARC  2413  History of Architecture I

The Foundation Year Program strongly recommends the completion of the following Core Curriculum courses (15 semester credit hours):

AIS   1203  Academic Inquiry & Scholarship
WRC  1013  Freshman Composition I
WRC  1023  Freshman Composition II
Mathematics Core Course (MAT 1023 or MAT 1033)
Life and Physical Sciences Core Course (ES 2013, GEO 1013, GRG 2613, or PHY 1943)