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Minor in Cyber Security

The Minor in Cyber Security is open to all majors in the University. A student majoring in Information Systems will be required to take 18 semester credit hours of coursework. Other majors may be required to take additional hours depending on their academic background.

  1. The following courses are required:

    IS  3413  Introduction to Telecommunications for Business
    IS  3423  Network Security
    IS  3513  Information Assurance and Security
    IS  3523  Intrusion Detection and Incident Response

  2. Two elective courses must be selected from the following for 6 semester credit hours:

    IS  3033  Operating Systems
    IS  3453   Networking Fundamentals
    IS  3533   Cyber Law
    IS  4033   Network Operations
    IS  4143   Wide Area Networks
    IS  4223   Emerging Network Technologies
    IS  4463  Secure Electronic Commerce
    IS  4473  Information Assurance Policy
    IS  4483  Digital Forensic Analysis I
    IS  4513  Cyber and Physical Systems
    IS  4523  Digital Forensic Analysis II

To declare a Minor in Cyber Security, obtain advice, or seek approval of course substitutions for course requirements, students must consult the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center.