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Minor in African American Studies

The Minor in African American Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to the political, cultural, historical, and social experiences of African Americans in the United States, and people of African descent globally. Literature and research methods drawn from several disciplines enable students to enhance their understanding of African Americans’ unique social circumstances, contributions, and heritage. The mission of the African American Studies program at UTSA is to promote academic and professional excellence. We achieve this goal by enhancing cultural competency skills, enriching the theoretical knowledge base and practical skills set of students related to working with diverse populations, and advancing critical thinking skills related to multiple facets of the African American experience and the African Diaspora.

All students pursuing a Minor in African American Studies must complete 18 semester credit hours, at least 12 hours of which must be at the upper-division level.

  1. 6 semester credit hours:

    AAS  2013   Introduction to African American Studies
    AAS  2113   African American Culture, Leadership and Social Issues

  2. 3 semester credit hours selected from the following:

    AAS  3013   African American Modes of Expression
    AAS  3113   African American Studies Research Seminar
    AAS  3123   Civil Rights Movement & African American Education
    AAS  3133   African Americans in Higher Education
    AAS  4013   Topics in African American Studies

  3. 6 semester credit hours selected from the following:

    AMS  3343   Studies in Race and Ethnicity
    BBL   2033   Cultures of the Southwest
    BBL   3403   Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
    EDU  2103   Social Foundations for Education in a Diverse U.S. Society
    ENG  2383   Multiethnic Literatures of the United States
    ENG  3613   African American Literature
    GRG  3513   Urban Geography
    HIS   3133   Themes in the Social History of the United States
    HIS   3563   African American History to the Civil War
    HIS   3573   African American History since the Civil War
    HIS   3603   Occupation, Revolution and Nation in Africa
    HIS   3613   Migration, Society and Culture in Africa
    HIS   3623   History of the Civil Rights Movement
    LGS   3113   Blacks, Chicanos, and the Law
    MUS  2663   History and Styles of Jazz
    POL  1213   Topics in Texas and American Politics: Civil Rights
    POL  3023   Civil Liberties in American Law and Practice (when subtitled “Focus on the Black Experience” in class schedule)
    POL  3203   African American Political Thought
    POL  3303   Race, Ethnicity and Public Policy
    SOC  4053   Health Care System

    Other course substitutions require pre-approval of the advisor and program director.

    Students may take the following courses under section C with approval of program director:

    AAS 4913   Independent Study
    AAS 4933   Internship in African American Studies

To declare a Minor in African American Studies, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Education and Human Development Advising and Certification Center.

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