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Certificate in Music Technology

The Certificate in Music Technology is designed primarily for UTSA students who have an active interest in music technology and are currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in any UTSA discipline. Students in disciplines outside of music will be accepted into the program with approval from the program director. The Certificate is granted upon graduation from the University.

Students can declare their intention to participate in the certificate program at any time before or during the first two courses, MUS 3013 Digital Music Production or MUS 3103 Audio Technology I. Acceptance is provisional. Exemplary performance in these two courses is required to continue with full acceptance in the upper level of the program. At that point, certificate students begin to receive more individualized training and attention in the remaining courses.

All students pursuing the Certificate in Music Technology must complete the following 16 semester credit hours. Substitutions must be approved by the Music Technology Committee.

MUS  3013  Digital Music Production
MUS  3103  Audio Technology I
MUS  3123  Introduction to Electronic and Computer Music
MUS  3163  Audio Technology II
MUS  4433  Multimedia Production
MUS  4961  Music Technology Project