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Minor in Linguistics

The Minor in Linguistics offers an enhanced awareness of the components, functions, and interfaces of human language. It prepares students for careers and advanced study for which such awareness is essential through coursework aligned with a student’s own professional goals and intellectual interests.

All students pursuing the Minor in Linguistics must complete 18 semester credit hours, at least 9 of which must be drawn from outside the major.

  1. 3 semester credit hours selected from the following:

    ENG  3343  Principles of English Linguistics
    LNG  3813  Introduction to Linguistics

  2. 3 semester credit hours selected from the following courses in the linguistics of a particular language:

    ENG  3323  History of the English Language
    ENG  3333  Introduction to the Structure of English
    SPN  3013  Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation
    SPN  3113  Linguistic Structures of Spanish
    SPN  4113  Topics in Spanish Linguistics
    SPN  4123  The Spanish of the Southwest

  3. 6 semester credit hours selected from the following courses in psycholinguistics, anthropological linguistics, sociolinguistics, or historical linguistics:

    ANT 2053  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    BBL  3013  Language Analysis and Bilingualism
    BBL  3133  Language Development in Bilinguals
    BBL  3403  Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
    FL    4013  Cross-Cultural Communication and Foreign Languages
    LNG  3833  Sociolinguistics
    LNG  3843  Gender Issues in Language
    PSY  4323  Psychology of Language

  4. 6 additional semester credit hours chosen in consultation with an advisor in one or more of the following approved areas: anthropology, bicultural-bilingual studies, English, foreign languages, and linguistics.