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Minor in Nonprofit Management

The Minor in Nonprofit Management is open to students in any discipline. The Minor in Nonprofit Management provides the opportunity for students to learn the characteristics of the nonprofit sector, the purpose of the nonprofit sector in American society, and basic management and fundraising techniques. Students will be provided the opportunity to prepare themselves for leadership positions in social service, youth, environmental, health, arts, senior and other nonprofit organizations.

All students seeking the Minor in Nonprofit Management must complete the following 12 semester credit hours:

NPO  3003  Fundraising in Nonprofit Agencies
NPO  3013  Introduction to Nonprofit Agencies
NPO  4933  Internship in Nonprofit Management
PAD  3043  Public and Nonprofit Financial Management

Student must also take 6 semester credit hours or any two courses from the following list:

COM  3893  Organizational Communication
PAD  3113  Managing Public and Nonprofit Organizations
PAD  3123  Strategic Planning in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
PAD  4953  Special Topics in Nonprofit Organizations

Students should not take NPO 4933 until they have completed 9 hours in the minor. To declare a Minor in Nonprofit Management, obtain advice, obtain lists of relevant courses, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Public Policy Advising Center (located on the Downtown Campus).