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Lost and Found



Lost and Found

All found property that is turned in to the University Police Lost & Found section is stored at the University Police Lost & Found for 60 days. After 60 days, the found property is transferred to the Surplus Property Department for public auctions or further disposition.

To report lost property items or to make inquiries regarding lost property call 210.458.6247 (Monday to Friday; 8am to 5pm). or email us at LostAndFound@utsa.edu


To claim found property items, individuals must present a valid Texas Driver’s license, UTSA photo ID card or a valid photo ID card from another source; military ID or another state photo ID card. Individuals must be able to accurately describe the property that was lost in order to claim property from the lost & found section.

*Note: Items that will not be considered or accepted as abandoned, unclaimed, or lost and found property include: Clothing, food and drink containers, or soiled items that present a sanitation risk.
**Note: Clothing of value will be considered on a case by case basis.

*** NOTE—Departments, please promptly turn in any lost and found items you may have so we can return them to their owners in a Timely fashion.


The below listed items are currently being held by UTSAPD. If not claimed in 30 days, they will be disposed of in accordance with policy.

Lost and Found   In Stock Items   




QTY Item Description
28 Bag/Backpacks Various Brands, Colors & Styles
19 Binders/Folders Various Brands, Colors & Styles
9 Books Various Brands, Colors & Styles
14 Calculators  Various Brands, Colors & Styles
42 Cell phone & Laptop Chargers Various Brands, Colors & Styles
5 Cell phones Various Brands, Colors & Styles
17 Earbuds/Earphones Various Brands, Colors & Styles
34 Jewelry & Watches Various Brands, Colors & Styles
43 Keys  Various Brands, Colors & Styles
19 Misc. Electronics Various Brands, Colors & Styles
11 Misc. Items  Various Brands, Colors & Styles
30 Prescription glasses  & Sunglasses Various Brands, Colors & Styles
11 Umbrellas  Various Brands, Colors & Styles
42 USB/Memory Storage Various Brands, Colors & Styles
6 Wallets Dale A. Lucus III, Alex E. Matalon, Matthew R. Tevino, Hunter V. Mendiola, Emily Benton, Katherine Padron
5 Personal Documents Sheridan L. Bee, Jose Reyna, Roberto A. Quitero, Mariah Crippen, Gianna G. Addicks
1 Skateboard  
1 CPR dummy  
9 Texas Driver License Khuyen N Tran, Nancy C. Okafor,Kathy J. McFarlane, Lindsey T. Johnson, Ashley N. Hungerford, Badikulowa M. Kabasele, Diefo E. Correa, David N. Adams, Abakar S. Baraka
1 Provisional Driver License Omar K. Elsayes
1 Learner Driver License Omar K. Elsayes
1 Texas ID Alica N. Negrete
1 Texas Private Security Registration Joseph A. Rose
1 Republica Del Ecuador ID Alejandro Gomez Rincon
1 California Driver License Edgar Olvera
1 US Uniformed Services ID and Priviledge Card Bryanna V. Sosa
1 Alamo Colleges Student ID John Marega
1 Coahulia Driver License Natalia Fuentes Garcia
1 North Central Baptist Hospital ID Victoria
1 SIM Card has number on it
3 Wells Fargo cards Kristal R. Vasquez, Michelle Webb, Mouhari J. Daboya, 
3 Chase Debit Krystal L. Washington, Princess Adaugo Merem, Pedro Barros
4 American Express Crissanta Robertson, Taylor M. Littleton, Timothy Jimenez, Srujan Jasti
3 Bank of America Esma A. Shahin, Bryan K. Rios, Wyatt J. Ross
4 USAA Debit Eunice Morante, Angela W. Gorr, Jesus D Alvarez, Evelyn R Allen
3 RBFCU Mary Ann C Srulowitz, Patricia Lopez, Kiana M Craig
2 BBVA Compass Conny Garza, Anakaren Garza
2 Generations Devin Paulo Del Valle, Gabriel Alejandres
2 Broadway Bank Kristen D. Schocke, Andres B Aviles
2 Credit Human Amber L Johnson, Allison L Garcia
2 Citi Kay Tran, Elke D Wilfong
2 Security Service Federal Credit Union Khuyen N Tran, Jesse V Alvarez
1 NavyArmy Joshua Ochoa
1 Educators Credit Union Kyle D Bond
1 River City Federal Credit Union Amir A. Saidi
1 Discover Aya Banes
1 Jefferson Bank Card Joel M Zimmerebner
1 Woodforest National Bank Kayla L Taylor
1 GAP Ghazal Shakib
1 Valero Sandy Liwang
1 AAA Tag Sally
1  OTP Banka Zaga Vuckovic
1 Costco Card Kay Tran
1 Postmates  
1 The Warwick hotel key