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Dr. Neil Debbage Develops Model To Understand How a City's Design Creates Congestion

September — The new approach was designed based on the configuration of land use within cities.
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UTSA Team GEE-ISD (Google Earth Engine Iceberg & Ship Database) Placed Third in NSIN Polar Vortex Hackathon

August — CAMEE PhD student YoungHyun Koo was one of the three GEE-ISD team members.

Researchers at UTSA Use Innovative Approach to Find Victims Lost at Sea

August — Dr. Kiran Bhaganagar is leading the Department of Homeland Security funded project to develop an innovative and cost-effective approach to managing rescue operations at sea.
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CAMEE Students Ashley Aguilar and Karen Mendiondo Featured in MIRO Program Web Article

June — Ashley is a Geology MS student; Karen is an Environmental Science and Engineering PhD student.

CAMEE MS Student Ashley Aguilar Awarded Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant

May — The primary role of the GSA research grants program is to provide partial support of master's and doctoral thesis research in the geological sciences for graduate students enrolled in universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

Dr. Alan Whittington Part of UTSA Research that Could Help Develop the Moon's First Construction Site

May — Dr. Whittington is leading a team of UTSA researchers to design an induction furnace-nozzle for forming and placing lunar regolith bricks for landing pad construction.
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'7 Times the Speed of Sound': UTSA Goes Hypersonic to Study the Next Generation of Flight

May — Dr. Christopher Combs talks about the hypersonic wind tunnel he has built in his lab.
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CAMEE Expert Dr. Christopher Combs Comments on the Chinese Rocket Debris Entry

May — Chances are slim that debris from the 10-story-tall, 22-ton first-stage booster of the Long March CZ-5B spacecraft will hit land or even a populated area. Slim, but not zero.
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CAMEE Student Samantha Pickell Part of Design Team Selected by NASA MINDS

March — Samantha is a member of the undergraduate design team mentored by Dr. Kiran Bhaganagar that was selected to the NASA's MUREP Innovative New Designs for Space (MINDS). The team received an award of $1500 for their senior design project.

Students Present Research Findings in CAMEE Showcase Competition

March — Five undergraduate and 13 graduate students participated in the event that took place via Zoom.
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Winners of the CAMEE Student Research Spring Showcase

March — The Showcase was hosted by CAMEE postdocs Drs. Chang Hsin Chen and Grant Macdonald. The winners are:
Undergraduate: 1st Joshua Le • 2nd Zach Riddle • 3rd Elizabeth Hebel
Graduate: 1st Young Koo • 2nd Matt Garcia • 3rd Mansi Joshi

How Hypersonics Research at UTSA Will Propel Mars Missions and More

February — Under the direction of Dr. Chris Combs, UTSA is nearing the completion of a state-of-the-art, multi-million-dollar wind tunnel funded by the university.
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Accelerator: NASA's Perseverance Lands, San Antonio Hypersonics Lab Rises

February — Dr. Combs hopes to contribute to the study of hypersonics at UTSA, and the university is putting the final touches on a multimillion-dollar wind tunnel that can generate speeds up to seven times that of sound.
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Texas Scientists: Power Outages Show Why Texas Must Prepare for Climate Change

February — Stephen Ackley, Dr. Alberto Mestas-Nunez, and Dr. Hongjie Xie among those who signed the open letter from Texas climate scientists.
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CAMEE PhD Student YoungHyun Koo Participated in an IPCC Group Review

February — YoungHyun Koo took an active part in the Early Career Scientists associations group review of the Second Order Draft of the Working Group II contribution to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report Climate Change 2021: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. This group review took place from December 2020 to January 2021.

Constant Changes to Environmental Laws Can Have a Negative Impact on Environment

January — Dr. Saugata Datta talks about environmental regulation changes and studying the impacts to our ecosystem.

Dr. Neil Debbage Elected to Serve on the City of San Antonio’s Technical & Community Advisory Committee

January — Dr. Debbage will help guide the implementation of the city’s climate action and adaptation plan (CAAP).
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