Stronger Together

Dhireesha Kudithipudi

Dementia in Hispanic communities // Learn how a $200,000 grant is helping UTSA apply artificial intelligence to dementia research focused on underserved populations

Laptop with Zoom on

Technology investments transform student learning // Discover how key investments in digital learning initiatives are strengthening the learning experience this fall

Students holding a red rocket

Rockets, spaceports, and Wile E. Coyote // Learn about the Aeronautics and Rocket Club's uniquely named rocket that recently launched during the Spaceport America Cup

Rowdy on a banner

Bringing together government, university and industry // Discover how UTSA is helping improve the nation’s research enterprise

Black computer servers on racks

What's a Kubernetes cluster? // Explore how a partnership with the National Upcycled Computing Collective is preparing students to be leaders in Black computer servers on racks

“We will be one of the few institutions in the country to provide this type of technology and training to our students in the classroom.”

Mark Robinson, assistant professor of practice in computer science, on a recent cloud environment partnership // July 22, 2021

Why I Got Vaxxed

Over 161 million people in the US have been safely vaccinated and each has a story

COVID-19 is still here. Getting vaccinated remains the best way to protect yourself, your friends, and your family from this dangerous disease. In this video, UTSA mentors share the reasons why they made the choice to get their vaccine.

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