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Transforming U.S. Manufacturing  // See how UTSA is combating cyber attacks on our nation's manufacturers

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Legend Status  // Learn why Jeff Traylor is revered in Texas football, and how he plans to bring the Roadrunners to new heights

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Digital Literacy Destination  // Discover how being an Adobe Creative Campus has poised UTSA to lead the future of education

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Growing Online Degrees  // Learn about the growth of UTSA’s 100% online degree programs, which offer flexibility without sacrificing quality

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Expanding UTSA's Downtown Campus  // Learn more about the university's plans to serve as an anchor for San Antonio's high-tech corridor

“Proactive copers don’t assume that bad things will never happen, nor do they assume that they will be unable to cope when something does. Instead, they accept the fact that life is not always in our control, but the way we respond is.”

Dr. Mary McNaughton-Cassill // Psychology Today


As one of America’s top young universities, UTSA offers you the opportunity to create your bold future. Located in beautiful San Antonio, the seventh largest city in the U.S., see why we have a lot to be proud of as Roadrunners.

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