Program Overview

The UTeachSA course sequence includes the following groups of courses.

UTeachSA Recruitment Courses
  • Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (1 hour)
  • Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design (2 hours)

These courses are designed to encourage STEM majors to "try out teaching" and include authentic teaching experiences in local schools. These courses, offered with tuition rebates, emphasize thoughtful design of inquiry-based lessons and are taught by master teachers. No textbooks and no finals in these classes; however, fieldwork is required!

UTeachSA STEM Education Courses
  • Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science (3 hours)
  • Classroom Interactions (3 hours)
  • Project-Based Instruction (3 hours)

These courses are based on current research in teaching and learning specifically within the STEM domains. These courses are all taught by science and mathematics education faculty.

UTeachSA STEM Content Courses
  • Functions and Modeling (3 hours)
  • Research Methods (3 hours)
  • Perspectives on Science and Mathematics (3 hours)

These courses are generally taken concurrently with STEM education courses and are designed to fulfill multiple degree requirements while emphasizing content of particular importance to secondary math and science teachers. These courses are taught by research faculty from either the College of Sciences or the College of Liberal Arts.

Apprentice Teaching (6 hours)

Known as Clinical Teaching at UTSA, this course consists of a semester-long teaching experience which allows students to demonstrate proficiencies required for certification and acquire the experience and confidence needed for their first teaching positions.

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