Biotechnology M.S. Program


Program of Study


The Biotechnology M.S. program offers both a thesis and non-thesis option. In addition to the thesis option, students wishing to gain research experience or develop further technical expertise have the opportunity of internship in a biotechnology-based company.
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Thesis Requirements

Students electing the thesis option must complete six semester credit hours of Master’s Thesis (BIO 6973). Students may also earn up to six semester credit hours of Directed Research (BIO 5971-3). Students must successfully defend their thesis research before their Graduate Committee prior to the submission of the thesis to the Dean of the Graduate School for approval.

Non-Thesis Requirements

A non-thesis option is available for those who want the opportunity to earn the Master of Science degree primarily through organized coursework. Students must pass a comprehensive examination administered by the student’s Graduate Committee. This examination must be given the semester prior to the semester during which degree requirements are to be completed.