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Ladies First

Ladies First

While women still struggle to achieve parity with men in math and the sciences, three UTSA alumnae who earned doctorates are blazing trails for other young women, encouraging them to take the road less traveled.

Marketing the Mind

Marketing the Mind

Developing a breakthrough technology or scientific process is a lot different than getting the discovery into the marketplace. That’s why UTSA is adding infrastructure and staff to promote commercialization of university-sponsored research.

Crusade for the Classroom

Crusade for the Classroom

Math and science majors can earn their degrees and teacher certification at the same time through the GE2MS program, designed to meet the critical shortage of math and science teachers.


Helenita is Here

New microscope enables researchers to watch chemical reactions one atom at a time.

Dean's Message

Dean Daniel Gelo

The College of Sciences has great momentum. I know it, and I hear about it from others. Physicists define momentum as an object’s mass multiplied by its velocity—both the object’s magnitude and the direction it travels. The momentum of our college is the product of our diverse community and wide range of programs, and the determination to excel and grow.

Our momentum comes from students as young as 12 years old learning how mathematics can help to build better bridges in the pre-college PREP program, and from teenagers across the state presenting research projects to peers and judges in the ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair.

It comes from undergraduates in the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course delighted by the simple gift of a stethoscope, and field biologists venturing out into the wilderness during the summer to discover why things they learned in the classroom are true.

Our momentum comes from doctoral neurobiology students writing grants and publishing papers well before they defend their dissertations, and environmental science students undergoing training that prepares them to share research both at conferences and with the public.

It comes from researchers who can change the world by developing a vaccine against infectious diseases, or figuring out how they can help others to be secure in cyberspace.

Our momentum, generated by people like you in our College of Sciences community, is driving us toward meeting our goals and achieving greater success.

George Perry, Ph.D.


The Dean’s Fund for Excellence

Fund for Excellence

Expand the frontiers of science through undergraduate scholarships.

Chau Kha, an undergraduate chemistry major, waited nine years as a child before being reunited with her mother who had left Vietnam to pursue opportunities for a better life in the United States.

Inspired by her mother’s sacrifice and work ethic, Chau is dedicated to providing a better life for others through a career as a pharmacist. She is supported by the Dr. Budalur S. Thyagarajan Endowed Scholarship, which relieves financial stress and allows her to focus on achieving her academic goals.

For more information about supporting students through scholarships, contact Kim Fischer at (210) 458-7672 or