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Incident Reporting Form

The Incident Reporting Form should be used by students, faculty, and staff to refer information to Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) regarding behavioral concerns and possible behavioral or scholastic violations of the Student Code of Conduct or University Policies. Issues of behavior and scholastic dishonesty should all be reported through this form.

Faculty Disposition of a Scholastic Dishonesty Case Form

The Faculty Disposition of a Scholastic Dishonesty Case form is to be used by faculty to initiate disposition or resolution to any issue of Scholastic Dishonesty related to a class or course. When scholastic dishonesty is encountered or suspected, this form must be filled out by the reporting faculty member, signed by their chair or dean, and used to meet with the student. This form outlines the administrative due process for the student. All referrals should be submitted through the Incident Reporting Form (linked on this page).

No Report Form

The No Report Form is used most often when the incident occurs near the time of final grades to establish a non-punitive grade replacement while a Scholastic Dishonesty case is pending. Faculty members are responsible for using the No Report Form any time final grades will be reported during the fourteen (14) day appeal window. If the student does not exercise their right to appeal, grades may be posted on the fifteenth (15th) day. Upon conclusion of the investigation, faculty members will receive a follow-up memorandum from Student Conduct and Community Standards providing additional instructions.