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Faculty Mentoring Award

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Purpose of Award

UTSA recognizes the critical role that faculty mentors play in the success of their colleagues. In order to foster a culture of faculty mentoring at UTSA, this award is to recognize, encourage and reward those faculty who are exemplary in their commitment to mentoring within the university whose service has had impact on the opportunities and development of UTSA faculty by providing mentoring in critical areas such as teaching and research.


Formal department/college faculty mentors (e.g. early-career faculty programs) and Peer mentors serving in the Peer Mentoring Program for any theme (online instruction, new faculty, new department chair, research proposal preparation, etc.) who are exemplary in serving as peer mentors for a colleague(s) and through this service who have contributed to the university’s mission to foster an environment of nurturing support to encourage excellence and success of our faculty.


  • Served as mentor of record for a faculty member(s) during the awards cycle OR served as a Peer Mentor in the PMT Program during the awards cycle
  • Demonstrated excellence in mentoring support for colleagues at UTSA
  • Demonstrated commitment to personal improvement as a mentor (e.g., participation in UTSA Becoming a Mentor training; making a concerted effort to improve mentoring knowledge and skills)
  • Full-time faculty member, non-tenure track, tenure track, or tenured


  • Solicited within colleges and forwarded by deans to Faculty Success
  • Solicited from all PMT participants by Faculty Success

Screening Process and Nomination Packet

A selection committee composed of faculty will review nomination packets. The nomination packet for this award will consist of only the following, assembled into a single PDF file in the order indicated.

Nomination Materials:

  • Award nomination form
  • Nomination letter(s) from mentee(s) and/or letter from Department Chair and/or from PMT participants
  • Self-statement of mentoring philosophy/approach
  • Current curriculum vitae that includes record of UTSA mentoring
  • Self-statement of mentoring philosophy/approach (max 5 pages)
College Maximum Number of Nominees
HCaP 3
University College 1
Honors College 1