Bravo Employee Recognition Program

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What is the BRAVO program?

We believe our employees are our most valuable assets, and the Financial Affairs BRAVO Employee Recognition Program celebrates and honors their successes that help the UTSA community grow and achieve its goals.

  • Each quarter, the BRAVO program awards outstanding performance by an employee or team by recognizing those who embrace and demonstrate the Business Affairs Guiding Principles in performing their jobs. These employees represent the spirit of the BRAVO program.
  • All nominees will receive the BRAVO Gold Star.
  • The top two nominees will also receive a Rowdy Dollar Card to be used at any venue across campus (cards are taxable income to the recipient).
  • The BRAVO award recipient will also receive a Financial Affairs shirt and a framed certificate, and will be featured in the Financial Affairs website and nominated for the Business Affairs employee recognition award.

Financial Affairs employees, UTSA students, and other members of the UTSA community can nominate Financial Affairs staff - an individual or an entire team - for the award. All Financial Affairs staff members, including directors, are eligible for nomination.

The BRAVO nomination process is much easier and less time consuming than with previous programs because of the new BRAVO nomination form. The form is based on attributes that demonstrate the Business Affairs Guiding Principles:

  • WE RESPECT and care for each other;
  • WE PARTNER to deliver excellent service ;
  • WE VALUE and empower people;
  • WE CREATE positive change; and
  • WE DO the right thing.

What are the BRAVO attributes?

The BRAVO attributes support and demonstrate the Business Affairs Guiding Principles:

    B (We Partner to Deliver Excellent Service)

  • Behavior reflective of EXCELLENT customer service, manners, and performance.
  • Bountiful and giving of their time (helpful, inventive, sharing knowledge); PARTNERING.
  • Brave/courageous in thinking outside the box.
  • R (We Respect and Care for Each Other)

  • Recognizes need and takes initiative.
  • RESPECTFUL towards everyone.
  • Responsive to fellow employees and customers.
  • A (We Create Positive Change)

  • Adaptability/Ability to adapt to changes.
  • Actively engaged in pursuing and producing the best; imaginative and CREATIVE.
  • Attitude that embraces positive change and supports our mission.
  • V (We Value and Empower People)

  • VALUE the contributions of others.
  • Vested interest in staff development/self-improvement.
  • Volunteer time and knowledge.
  • O (We Do the Right Thing)

  • Objective and fair.
  • Observant and compliant to policies and procedures.
  • Operates within ethical boundaries.

Click here for more information on the BRAVO program including instructions for using the nomination form.

  • 1st Quarter: (September – November)
    Review of nominations and Recognition will take place in December
  • 2nd Quarter: (December – February)
    Review of nominations and Recognition will take place in March
  • 3rd Quarter: (March – May)
    Review of nominations and Recognition will take place in June
  • 4th Quarter: (June – August)
    Review of nominations and Recognition will take place in September

BRAVO Nomination Form

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