Role of the Mentee

First-Year Experience mentorship is designed to be an interactive and beneficial experience to support new students as they transition to university life. Students that actively participate in their UPM and AIS mentorship , complete their three peer mentor meetings each semester, and attend events and programming, will finish the semester even more equipped to navigate their time at UTSA.

Ready to work with your peer mentor? Here are some next steps:

  • Create an account on WCOnline. Schedule your three meetings with your peer mentor on WCOnline by locating your peer mentor on the schedule. Don’t forget to pick the correct AIS or UPM schedule from the drop down menu.
  • In UPM 1000? Check out your UPM Blackboard page for your peer mentor’s contact information and resources.
  • Registered in AIS this semester? Make sure you attend class, where you can connect with your peer mentor and receive important reminders.