GMS Courses

Introductory Courses:
GEM 1011, 1021, and 1031
These three, one-hour courses are the first step toward teacher certification for grades 8-12 math or science. They substitute for IDS 2013. Field experiences on participating public school campuses are required during each semester.

GEM 1011
This course introduces students to the elementary school classroom. Students will examine characteristics and strategies for creating a positive, productive classroom environment.

GEM 1021
Students will experience the middle school setting through their field work during this course. Designing instruction and assessment to promote student learning are the focus of this course.

GEM 1031
Students will observe and interact with high school teachers and students during their field work. Emphasis for this course is on how to implement effective, responsive instruction, and assessment.


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GMS Fieldwork

A required part of each GMS course is fieldwork in a public school. Fieldwork provides students with first-hand experience in a classroom setting. As outlined in the course descriptions, the fieldwork for each course is as follows:

GEM 1011 – elementary
GEM 1021 – middle school
GEM 1031 – high school

Each course’s field assignment is structured similarly. GMS students:

  • complete fieldwork with a partner
  • work directly with a master teacher
  • collaborate with the master teacher to determine a flexible schedule for campus visits
  • are observed and mentored by the master teacher and GMS staff
  • have the opportunity to interact with, observe, and teach students in public school classrooms
  • build a resume and network with area schools

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