UTSA Earth Symposium

September 4, 2020   |   8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Join the Department of Environmental Science and Ecology and the Department of Geological Sciences for the first UTSA Earth Symposium consisting of oral and poster presentations organized in a virtual environment.


Four sessions are lined up:

Session 1: Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation

We invite contributions that consider the interactions between living organisms and their environment, the effects of global change on populations, communities, and ecosystems, and the conservation of biodiversity.

Session 2: Challenges and Opportunities in Water Resources and Management

We invite contributions that look at any issue related to water resource science and management, including surface and groundwater hydrology and water quality, water and its role in ecosystem and public health, water availability, watershed and river processes, aquatic and riparian habitat formation, and conservation and management of aquatic and riparian biotic communities.

Session 3: The Changing Face of the Earth in the Context of Climate Change

We invite contributions at how interactions between the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and cryosphere can be modified by ongoing climate change, as well as lessons that can be learnt from the Earth’s history.

Session 4: Planetary Science: Extraterrestrial Environments and Terrestrial Analogs

We invite contributions related to planetary science, including studies of surface and interior processes and environments, and their terrestrial analogs. Examples include, but are not limited to, astrobiology and planetary caves; human exploration and habitation; volcanism, lava flows and lava tubes; the cryosphere and cryovolcanism; and planetary oceans and hydrospheres, past and present.

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Important Dates

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Preparing Your Oral Presentation

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Preparing and Recording Your Poster Presentation

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Please follow this link to register (free of charge) and obtain details to access the conference videoconference rooms on September 4.