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Inclusive Excellence moves beyond numbers and involves embedding practices and philosophies that encourage diversity in every aspect of an organization (Kathleen Nalty, 2007). The term "diversity" is often linked to numerical representation; however, the term “Inclusive Excellence” promotes institutionalization of systemic practices and philosophies, generating a broader outcome with numerical representation serving as a byproduct of inclusive excellence.

Inclusive Excellence shifts the responsibilities of bolstering diversity toward the whole institution, as opposed to one unit or area having the sole responsibility of understanding and implementing the diversity mission. Inclusive Excellence moves an institution, organization, or program from valuing diversity – with access and cultural competence as its primary goals – to ensuring through structural interventions that all groups are achieving the desired outcomes at equitable rates.

The University of Texas at San Antonio seeks to promote an inclusive community of learners, an awareness and appreciation of multicultural perspectives, and the establishment of policies, practices, programs, and resources designed to embrace and support diversity.

At UTSA, inclusiveness and excellence are two of the core values. The Office of Inclusive Excellence serves as an agent and resource to provide leadership on issues related to diversity. Our goal is to support and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of campus life through the development of initiatives that encourage diversity and “Inclusive Excellence.”

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(Anderson, 2017)

Inclusive Excellence is at the core of all that we do as an institution of higher learning. I believe that “you can have diversity without excellence but you can’t have excellence without diversity.”

- Dr. Myron Anderson, UTSA Vice President for Inclusive Excellence

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In keeping with UTSA Core Values, the President's Distinguished Diversity Awards are annual awards that bestow the highest level of recognition to individuals or groups for work that helps the UTSA community think about and practive diversity and inclusion in creative and collaborative ways.

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The University of Texas at San Antonio has been committed to diversity since our beginning. The Office of Inclusive Excellence brings together faculty, staff and students from across the university to advance our commitment to diversity and inclusion.



UTSA implements its strategic vision and further cultivates a campus atmosphere that embraces diversity and inclusion, President Taylor Eighmy today announced the selection of Myron Anderson as the university’s Vice President for Inclusive Excellence.

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