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UTSA offers training, awareness and education programs for students to gain a deeper understanding of the principles of diversity, inclusion and equity. These ongoing trainings include:

LGBTQ+ Ally Training

The Student Center for Community Engagement and Inclusion hosts a training to empower administrators, faculty, staff and students to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for GLBTQ members of our campus and community. By providing support, resources, and educational programs, Allies help GLBTQ students find their place and remain a vital part of UTSA. For more information contact or 210-458-4770.

Dreamers Ally Training

The Dreamers Resource Center plans ALLY trainings to provide members of the UTSA Community with insight about how to support UTSA DACAmented and unDACAmented students both on and off campus. This training focuses on immigration history/terminology, campus initiatives related to Dreamers, and opportunities for continued involvement and engagement. To learn more contact or 210-458-7777.

Student Trainings on Diversity and Inclusion

The Student Center for Community Engagement and Inclusion offer presentations as requested by student organizations and departments who work closely with student groups, i.e. peer mentors, supplemental instructors, student employees, etc. Examples of frequent customized trainings include:

What Do You Stand For? – A discussion about our own personal values and how to manage them when working with diverse groups of people.

Why Do We Need to Know About Diversity? – The impact and value of diversity in an organization.

Current Events and Their Influence – Pulling from the headlines; an open discussion about current events and how they influence our day to day lives. For more information contact or 210-458-4770.

Roadrunner ABCs Residential Curriculum

Housing and Residence Life provides an optional event-based residential curriculum for all students living in the university-owned on-campus housing communities.  Roadrunner ABCs focuses on three skill sets that UTSA residents will utilize during their college experience: Adjust, Balance and Challenge. Within these three elements, social Justice is a focused topic area in the Fall and Spring for all Resident Assistants (RAs). Events are designed through partnership with campus departments.  For more information, please contact Em de la Rosa ( or 210-458-6208.