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Affinity Groups

The University of Texas at San Antonio considers Affinity Groups to be an essential component that connects various members of the workforce with each other and with the University. Therefore, an inherent element of the mission of an Affinity Group is to promote the welfare of UTSA and its purpose.

Affinity Groups are voluntary associations of people who have common interests. Affinity Groups play a vital role in articulating, promoting and supporting the needs and goals of their various communities and organizations. Their primary focus is to develop and improve the campus climate by increasing the presence of diverse faculty and staff. The groups can assist the organization with the recruitment, retention, and promotion of top diverse talent. In addition, they can help increase morale, provide insights into diverse areas, build bridges to the community and empower members.

Currently, UTSA has various identity-based Affinity Groups (see list below).  The Office of Inclusive Excellence supports these groups in promoting a sense of belonging for employees and for providing a community for our employees. We encourage the formation of new affinity groups and would like to support any employees that are looking to start a new group. Please reach out to the Office of Inclusive Excellence for any support that you may need.

If you are interested in establishing a new affinity group or want to re-activate your affinity group  registration for the upcoming academic year, please fill out the New Affinity Group Registration Form or the Affinity Group Renewal Form.

List of Affinity Groups

The Association of Chinese Professors at UTSA mission is promote academic activities, career development, and professional success of Chinese professors at UTSA, and to present and represent Chinese professors at UTSA as a collectivity to the general UTSA community and the outside world.

The Association of Chinese Professors at UTSA serves as a means for members to keep in touch with one another; to share experiences, common concerns, and information; to exchange professional achievements; to represent members' common interests and develop collective professional projects; and to promote academic, scholarly exchanges between China and America and other countries.

Contact: Hai-Chao Han

The mission of our organization is to increase the support for Black faculty, students, and staff at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). The organization strives to accomplish this mission by serving as an advocate and support group for the concerns of Black faculty, staff, and students at local, state, national, and university levels. Additionally, the BFSA actively works towards enhancing the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Black faculty, staff, and students as we seek to pursue the vision and mission of UTSA. As such, the BFSA:

  • provides a forum for addressing important academic issues that affect the Black community both at UTSA and beyond;
  • endeavors to improve the academic and work environment for Black faculty, administrators, staff, and students at UTSA;
  • provides resources for the development and retention of Black faculty, administrators, staff, and students at UTSA;
  • advises UTSA leaders and the UTSA community regarding the needs and concerns of Black faculty, staff, and student members at UTSA.
  • promotes equity and diversity as important components regarding employment and academic pursuits within the University; establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with various University units, alumni, community groups, and Black faculty, administrators, and staff at other local, regional and national institutions.
  • monitors and encourages diversity as an integral part of the mission of UTSA; and finally,
  • provides a networking and support systems for Black faculty, administrators, staff, and students.
  • we promote the Roadrunner Creed.
Contact: Yolanda Williams
visit the BFSA website

Contact: Annette Portillo

We, the University of Texas at San Antonio Pride Faculty and Staff Association, endeavor by our organization, presence, and visibility to help create a safe and supportive professional environment for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and ally faculty and staff of UTSA. The Pride Faculty and Staff Association is an inclusive professional organization that serves as a resource and advocacy group for employees and their families.

Among the functions of the Pride Faculty and Staff Association are the following:

  • To provide a safe and confidential forum for the discussion of issues important to the LGBTQA+ community at UTSA.
  • To encourage and promote scholarship, research and teaching that addresses questions relevant to LGBTQA+ persons and to all members of the university across disciplines concerned with understanding the role of gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in culture and society.
  • To help faculty across the university develop pedagogical approaches that are sensitive to the sexual diversity present both in our classrooms and in the larger community that will be served by the undergraduates and graduates we are preparing for professional service.
  • To help faculty and staff across the university understand and model behaviors that contribute to making UTSA a productive learning and working environment for gay and lesbian employees and students.
  • To foster retention of LGBTQA+ faculty and staff.
  • In the spirit of the university’s desire to establish a diverse community, the Pride Faculty and Staff Association shall seek to provide support and guidance for the university regarding issues that affect the well-being of LGBTQA+ employees of the university.


The mission of Rowdy Warriors is to promote the inclusion of a diverse community and culture of Veterans, family members, and supporters at UTSA.

Among the functions of the Rowdy-Warrior Military Veterans Alliance are the following:

  • To represent the interests of Veterans faculty and staff;
  • Assist and support the recruitment and retention of Veteran employment at UTSA;
  • Promote cultural diversity and positive relations throughout the University community;
  • To promote the individual and collective well-being of Veteran faculty and staff;
  • Advocate for the career advancement of Veterans on campus;
  • To ensure and facilitate the development and advancement of Veteran faculty and staff;
  • Promote and celebrate the diverse Veteran culture at UTSA;
  • Support, socialize and recognize RWMVA members and build a cohesive campus community;
  • To maintain an effective and positive relationship between the University and its Veteran constituency;
  • Collaborate with other University organizations and the community at large to foster a greater understanding of Veterans and transitioning service member’s issues and concerns;
  • We will build networks and foster partnerships among academic affairs, student affairs, and community organizations to advance diversity, equity and social justice;
  • Be a resource for professional development, onboarding, and mentorship for faculty, staff and students;
  • and Advance the recruitment, development and retention of Veteran faculty and staff.


Contact: Annette Portillo

The Women's Professional Advancement and Synergy Academy (WPASA) was founded at The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2011. Since 2011, it has planned and offered professional development and leadership training to four cohorts of faculty and staff in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018. WPASA alumni total nearly 100. WPASA has strengthened the culture of UTSA’s institution, with the creation of professional networks of women, who hold positions across our University, and whose connection fosters career satisfaction, efficiencies, and dedication within our institution. Additionally, WPASA has established a positive reputation for bringing anticipated programming to our whole campus community.

The UTSA Women's Professional Advancement and Synergy Academy strives to empower and inspire a cross-section of women working in the academy, who are committed to leadership as a central component of their careers. WPASA achieves this by:
  • offering keynote addresses, panels, discussion groups, and master-teacher led workshops that center on developing skills needed to advance one’s career
  • learning to identify and build upon skills and experiences already possessed
  • creating a pipeline of relationships through collaboration and networking opportunities.

Contact: Rhonda M. Gonzales