Our Commitment

UTSA is proud to have been entrusted with stewardship of the Institute of Texan Cultures and its Hemisfair property for the state of Texas since 1973. It has the only museum of its kind in the state entirely devoted to preserving the rich cultural history of Texas and Texans.

Since it opened during the 1968 World’s Fair, the Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC) has given voice to the people who call Texas home by providing insight into their past, present and future and by showcasing the uniqueness and beauty of the many cultures that comprise Texas. The international event coincided with the 250th anniversary of the founding of San Antonio in 1718 and led to the growth of the Alamo City’s downtown core, the expansion of its River Walk and a focus on becoming a world tourism destination.

The ITC is entrusted with chronicling and celebrating our state’s diverse cultural traditions. UTSA and San Antonio have a tremendous opportunity to shape the way Texas preserves and shares the story of its rich cultural history. Through compelling programs, unique learning and research opportunities, and one-of-a-kind archives, the ITC continues to provide distinctive experiences that encourage a greater awareness of and appreciation for Texas’ cultural heritage.

By sharing the state’s rich mosaic of cultures and their impact on us as Texans, the ITC is inspiring the next generation of cultural enthusiasts—K-12 students across Texas—and supporting their teachers with valuable educational resources.

We are excited by the opportunity to collaborate with the community to clearly define a long-term vision and capitalize on all the assets of the institute and its museum to create engaging new experiences. We are committed to ensuring ITC programming, exhibits and special collections are preserved, expanded and available to Texans and lifelong learners everywhere.

As we reflect on nearly 50 years of stewardship, UTSA recognizes and shares in honoring the significant community impact of the ITC and Texas Pavilion. We are committed to ensuring the best future for the ITC museum as a place for all learners to engage with Texas history and culture.

Veronica Salazar, Executive Vice President and Chief Enterprise Development Officer for Business Affairs

What does it mean to be a Texan?

For more than 50 years, the Institute of Texan Cultures has sought to define what ‘Texan’ means by giving voice to the experiences of people from across the globe who call Texas home by providing insight into their past, present and future and showcasing the uniqueness and beauty of the many cultures that comprise Texas.

UTSA has been entrusted to steward the ITC since 1973, five years after it opened as the Texas State Exhibits Pavilion for the 1968 World’s Fair — Hemisfair ’68. We have been honored to serve in this important role and are proud of the impact the ITC has had in our state and city, too. For more than 300 years, San Antonio has evoked the unique legacy of Texas and the indomitable spirit of Texans. The Institute of Texan Cultures is a special part of the fabric of San Antonio — and who we are as San Antonians.

For these reasons and so many more, we value the ITC and its mission, and we are committed to ensuring the ITC thrives for the next 50 years and beyond.

In 2021, UTSA is embarking on a robust community engagement process to envision the next 50 years of the ITC and its museum, the only resources in Texas devoted entirely to the state’s rich, diverse history. The ITC Centennial 2068: Community Stakeholder Visioning initiative seeks to provide current and future generations with a greater awareness of and appreciation for Texas’ unique cultural heritage by expanding the institute’s research and storytelling through new programming, greater use of technology, and the exploration of topics at the intersection of culture and current events.

Veronica Salazar

Veronica Salazar

Executive Lead, ITC Centennial 2068: Evaluative Process

ITC Centennial 2068: Evaluative Process is led by Veronica Salazar, who serves as UTSA's executive vice president for Business Affairs and chief enterprise development officer. With over 20 years of experience in higher education, she provides leadership in finance, real estate, administration, urban development, and strategic business initiatives. Ms. Salazar provides oversight of the university’s financial resources and helps advance UTSA’s vision to become a student success exemplar, nationally competitive research university and Hispanic-thriving institution. She works to ensure the success of ongoing initiatives, including the Campus Master Plan and Downtown Campus expansion. Previously, Ms. Salazar served as the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer at the University of California, Merced, where she made significant contributions to the Merced 2020 Project.