Evaluative Process

The evaluative phase of ITC Centennial 2068 involved the thorough and careful exploration of the three scenarios developed by the Steering Committee during the visioning process.

The scenarios developed by the Steering Committee are conceptual and served as a launching point for further discovery and exploration of specific issues to move the process beyond the visioning phase. UTSA engaged professional subject matter experts as part of a thorough evaluation of the existing facilities, to explore the possible implementation of each scenario with potential community partners, including experts with specific knowledge related to museums, architecture and real estate development.

During this phase of the ITC Centennial 2068 initiative, the university followed the timeline below.

ITC timeline graphic

Engaging the Experts

As part of the evaluative process, UTSA engaged a variety of industry experts to provide essential information regarding the possible implementation of each of the three scenarios developed during the visioning process.  

Various professional firms conducted assessments of the Texas Pavilion, the building that houses the ITC, and the Hemisfair Campus. These assessments include environmental, structural and property condition assessments; archaeological and historical reviews; museum accreditation assessments; and financial estimates for all options. Additionally, experts were engaged to assess the favorability of several other potential sites for the institute should it be determined that the best path forward to meet accreditation and sustainability standards require a move elsewhere.   

Explore each agency below to learn more.

Raba Kistner is a premier engineering consulting, environmental and program management firm.

STC Environmental Services is composed of geologists, environmental scientists and other environmental specialists who routinely manage projects involving hazardous materials, water, soil, and indoor air testing.

Architexas is a Dallas-based company that provides a broad range of services encompassing architecture, planning and historic preservation.

Lord Cultural Resources is a cultural consulting practice offering planning services for museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions.

Intelligent Engineering Services is a structural engineering firm.

Marcy Goodwin Museum Planning (MGMP) provides facility, operational, organizational, interpretive and business planning services for museums and cultural organizations.

Skanska is a project development and construction company that provides cost and schedule estimations.

Dan Bosin Associates is a project management firm that specializes in working with museums and cultural institutions. They are evaluating the feasibility of museum accreditation for each of the three conceptual scenarios outlined within the visioning process. As experienced museum experts, they will continue to provide guidance through the evaluative phase that compares the budget, schedule and pros and cons of each of the identified scenarios.

Johnson Consulting is a real estate and hospitality consulting firm that performs strategic planning and market and financial feasibility studies.

Valbridge Property Advisors is a commercial property valuation and advisory services firm with expertise in property assessments and comparative market value reports.


Evaluative Phase Report

In October 2023, UTSA released the expert reports provided by the professional firms, as well as a summary report that brings together and analyzes the information in the reports in relation to the three scenarios.

The Evaluative Phase Report, as well as links to individual assessments, can be found on the Reports & Resources page.