Engaging the Experts

As part of the evaluative process, UTSA has engaged a variety of industry experts to provide essential information regarding the possible implementation of each of the three scenarios developed during the visioning process.

Thoughtful community conversations were the foundation of the visioning process. We are continuing this collaborative approach through the inclusion of as many experts as needed to assess the possibilities provided by each scenario. Several professional firms are conducting assessments of the Texas Pavilion, the building that houses the ITC, and the Hemisfair Campus. These assessments include environmental, structural and property condition assessments; archaeological and historical reviews; museum accreditation assessments; and financial estimates for all options.

Explore each agency below to learn more, including the reports they will provide.

Raba Kistner is a premier engineering consulting, environmental and program management firm conducting a preliminary environmental site assessment for the entire Hemisfair Campus, a property condition assessment of the Texas Pavilion building, and an archaeological report on the history of the site.

WT Partnership is an Austin-based real estate advisory firm that provides services within the public and the private sector. They are conducting a Real Estate Due Diligence Report evaluating any potential ancillary real estate uses that could be supported by the local San Antonio market.

Architexas is a San Antonio-based company that provides a broad range of services encompassing architecture, planning and historic preservation. They are exploring the modifications UTSA would be able to make to meet museum accreditation standards without jeopardizing the historical integrity of the building.

Dan Bosin Associates is a project management firm that specializes in working with museums and cultural institutions. They are evaluating the feasibility of museum accreditation for each of the three conceptual scenarios outlined within the visioning process. As experienced museum experts, they will continue to provide guidance through the evaluative phase that compares the budget, schedule and pros and cons of each of the identified scenarios.

Intelligent Engineering Services, a structural engineering firm, are conducting a structural review of the Texas Pavilion building, with a focus on the existing floor structure, as part of the due diligence for adaptive reuse options.

UTSA anticipates that all reports will be complete in spring 2023. Once reports are final, the university will conduct a thorough internal review of the recommendations. A summary of the internal review and links to the reports will then be shared online.