Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Monday, April 08, 11:30 AM

Current Operations


The current operating hours are Thursday – Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours of operation can be found on the ITC museum’s website.


Relocating to a Temporary Home


UTSA will ensure programming, exhibits and museum collections are preserved as they will continue to be vital to how the future museum connects with the public. To properly preserve all existing collections, the university is moving the museum’s artifact collections to a temporary facility until the permanent museum is constructed.


The university is hiring experts trained in moving cultural artifacts to transport all collections to a safe storage facility, outfitted to modern museum and archive standards for humidity and temperature control, that will ensure the protection of valuable museum collections. During this process, museum staff are carefully auditing each item in the ITC collections, ensuring all documentation related to each artifact is up to date. 


The ITC museum will continue to properly preserve all existing collections. Museum staff are carefully auditing each item in the ITC collections, ensuring all documentation related to each artifact is up to date. The university is moving the museum’s historic archives and exhibits to a temporary facility until the permanent museum is constructed. 

A selection of curated items will be on display at the temporary museum in the Frost Tower, opening in 2025. A calendar of rotating exhibits will ensure the community can continue to enjoy the museum’s extensive collection. 

All items will be relocated to the new permanent museum once completed. UTSA is committed to the responsible stewardship of these collections and looks forward to continuing to share the rich stories of Texas with the public. 


Temporary Museum


UTSA has secured space on the first floor of the Frost Tower that will serve as the ITC museum’s temporary home for approximately the next five years. The location is easily accessible to visitors in downtown San Antonio and offers an engaging setting to host curated museum visits.


The goal of the temporary museum is to present the community with a curated museum experience while we build the future home of the ITC. A selection from the ITC museum’s permanent exhibits will showcase the richness of Texan cultures, and a calendar of rotating special thematic exhibits will underscore the ITC museum’s commitment to community collaboration and allow for dynamic storytelling


Permanent Museum


After reviewing expert reports on several sites, UTSA’s favored location is adjacent to the Crockett Hotel, with an alternate site being considered at the UTSA Southwest Campus.


The university envisions a new museum that will showcase Texan cultures to a broader audience through engaging, community-oriented programming – including a reimagined dome show.


Maximizing the Benefit of the Hemisfair Land


The university has begun to look at the future of the Hemisfair Campus and how to best maximize and monetize resources to support the temporary and permanent homes of the ITC. Through careful review of consultant reports, it has been determined that redeveloping the land at Hemisfair will best serve the future of the museum, the university and the community. To accomplish highest use of the land requires removal of the Texas Pavilion.