Visioning Process Timeline

April/May 2021

  • Steering committee and task force membership will be finalized and announced
  • Visioning Process Facilitator RFP selection process completed

June 2021

  • ITC Centennial 2068 Community Visioning Launch

August 2021

  • Steering committee and task forces convene

September 2021 – April 2022

  • Task forces will hold public community conversations
  • Steering committee and task forces will hold ongoing meetings

January 2022

  • Task forces submit recommendations

May 2022

  • ITC Centennial 2068 steering committee will complete its final report, including at least 3 scenarios that incorporate and integrate task force recommendations

2068 Visioning Process

Round 1: Community Conversations
 Survey Administered & Data Collected 
(Lopez Negrete Communications)
 Choice Board Valuations  
(Task Force Members)
Steering Committee Finalizes Valuation Criteria
 Choice Board Results Presented/Delivered 
(Lopez Negrete Communications)
Task Forces Utilize Choice Board Results
Task Force Meetings Leading To Draft Recommendations
 Task Forces Final Reports 
Round 2: Community Conversations
Steering Committee Incorporates Community Conversations #2
 Steering Committee Meetings Leading To Draft Scenario Plan 
Round 3: Community Feedback Opportunity
 Steering Committee Delivers Final Scenario Plans 

Process Leaders

Lopez Negrete Communications
Task Forces
Steering Committee
Opportunities for public review/input

Proposed Action Steps

The ITC Centennial 2068 initiative is a multi-step process, with each phase building on those previous. We are currently in the Evaluate Phase, which involves evaluating the 3 existing, feasible ITC options determined by the Steering Committee during the Visioning Phase.

Workflow diagram showing steps: Broad, Participatory Community Stakeholder Visioning Process; Exciting, Feasible ITC Options;UTSA Strategic Action & Business Plan;Implementation