Process & Roles

The visioning process is aimed at deepening and broadening the ITC’s engagement with our communities as an exemplary cultural heritage institution — one that informs our future and inclusively tells the story of our past — and will continue to define for future generations what it means to be a Texan.

Task Forces

The Task Forces will use their individual expertise and experiences to develop a set of recommendations that address the ITC Centennial 2068 questions posed to the Task Force to be considered by the Steering Committee in developing realistic, feasible scenarios; and review, evaluate and prioritize the ideas and input provided by our stakeholders from the Community Conversations.

The task forces will focus on three areas:

"Museum of the
icon, boot with spurs Museum of the Future Members
Community Engagement &
Sustaining Support
icon, raising hands Community Engagement & Sustaining Support Members
Facility & Land
icon city outline Facility & Land Stewardship Members

Ideation Process


Each task force will work with experts to gather and evaluate community input through public sessions and other mechanisms, identify best practice peer exemplars for benchmarking and goal setting, evaluate input in light of internal data and peer exemplars, and develop several aspirational models.

icon, boot with spurs

Susana Smith Bautista

for "Museum of the Future" Task Force
icon, raising hands

Carl Hamm, CFRE

For Community Engagement & Sustaining Engagement Task Force
icon city outline

Trey Jacobson

Marcy Goodwin

Urban Land Institute

For Facility & Land Stewardship Task Force

Steering committee

The steering committee will shepherd the overall visioning process; synthesize and integrate input, output, and work from sector-specific taskforces; develop at least 3 feasible scenarios integrated across sectors; and advise UTSA leadership on advantages and disadvantages of developed scenarios. UTSA is fully open to all viable scenarios resulting from this important community-driven process.

Steering Committee Members


As facilitator for the visioning process, Houston-based Lopez Negrete Communications will oversee community discussions and engagement among UTSA, the ITC Centennial 2068 steering committee and task forces, individual community stakeholders and groups including the Urban Land Institute, local community organizations and placemaking consultants, among others.

Lopez Negrete will partner with frequent collaborator TouchPoint Strategies, a Houston-based public relations firm with experience in urban planning and economic development, to lead community engagement under the direction of Damon Williams, cultural and public engagement strategist. San Antonio-based Opt In Experts, led by CEO and founder Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez, will provide further assistance by promoting and managing public outreach events associated with ITC Centennial 2068.