2068 Evaluative Process

Steering Committee's Final Report provides 3 equally feasible scenarios
UTSA Requests reports and evaluations to support a Request for Information (RFI) process
UTSA requests RFI submissions from various industry and subject matter experts
Submissions reviewed by a UTSA committee
UTSA Committee submits recommendations to leadership
Next steps in process determined based on careful evaluation of all information received

Proposed Action Steps

The ITC Centennial 2068 initiative is a multi-step process, with each phase building on those previous. We are currently in the Evaluate Phase, which involves evaluating the 3 existing, feasible ITC options determined by the Steering Committee during the Visioning Phase.

Workflow diagram showing steps: Broad, Participatory Community Stakeholder Visioning Process; Exciting, Feasible ITC Options;UTSA Strategic Action & Business Plan;Implementation