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The Latino Health Research Initiative offers a variety of services to campus and community stakeholders. These include (1) grant development and implementation, (2) research services and (3) specialized courses.

Grant Development and Implementation

The LHRI works with faculty members to articulate research interests, identify funding opportunities and develop competitive grant proposals. Interested faculty members can call the main office to set up an appointment to discuss research ideas.

Research Services

Qualitative, quantitative, survey, evaluation, demographic and policy research services are available through the LHRI. Interested agencies and organizations can call the main office to obtain free cost estimates for research projects.

Specialized Courses

For-credit courses in leadership and research are available through the LHRI, which is exploring the feasibility of offering certificate programs in diversity leadership and cross-cultural communications.

Other Opportunities

The LHRI provides research, internship, and employment opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at UTSA. In addition, it provides professionals from government and research agencies assignment opportunities through its Visiting Research Program.