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STIMHR Advisory Committee

The members of the Advisory Committee are experts in the areas of mental health, education, culture, and ethnic disparities:

Ann Eisenberg, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Psychology whose research examines ethnic differences in the communication of emotion and the resolution of conflict. Dr. Eisenberg is the Associate Dean of the Honors College and is also the Director of the Career Opportunities in Research (COR) Program at UTSA.

Dorothy Flannagan, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Psychology who studies ethnic-related patterns of communication in interpersonal relationships among children. Dr. Flannagan is also Interim Dean of Graduate Studies at UTSA.

Robert L. Jimenez, M.D. is a preeminent San Antonio psychiatrist who serves on numerous medical and mental health boards throughout the South Texas region.

Joe L. Martinez, Jr., Ph.D. is a professor of Biology and an internationally renowned neuroscientist who directs the Cajal Neuroscience Research Center at UTSA.

Ruben Martinez, Ph.D. is a professor of Public Administration and Interim Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice who studies ethnic identity and ethnic diversity in higher education.

The Advisory Committee will assist the Director in organizational matters and will be a consulting body for decisions concerning training, colloquium speakers, the mentorship program, and other operations of STIMHR. The Advisory Committee will also function as a Scientific Review Panel for research awards and supplemental research projects.