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Relevant Mental-Health Research at UTSA

MH Research The University of Texas at San Antonio has a strong record of research productivity and quality. For example, among Master’s Comprehensive Institutions in the West, UTSA ranks second in awards from the National Institutes of Health as well as in federal obligations for science and engineering (UTSA Internal Report, 2000). However, mental-health research accounts for only a small fraction of the grants awarded to UTSA. The relative dearth of major research grants in the mental-health sector is primarily attributable to the short developmental history of the University. Because it is a relatively young university with limited resources, UTSA has relied on a stepladder approach to maximize research development, starting with the biological sciences and engineering. Thus, the infrastructure support for mental-health research has only recently begun to gain strength. UTSA is now prepared to devote significant resources to attaining its next goal of excelling as a major player in the national arena of mental-health research.

A sizeable number of faculty hold expertise in the area of mental-health, and have developed research programs that could be significantly enhanced with additional support and encouragement. Below is a sample list of relevant faculty research:

Sample of Mental Health Research at UTSA

  Topic Investigator Affiliation

  Acculturative Stress and Health Outcomes Deborah Mangold Psychology

  Acute Stress and Performance Michael Baumann Psychology

  Alcohol and Risk-Taking Behaviors Tina Zawacki Psychology

  Behavioral Correlates of Drug Potentiation Brian Derrick Biology

  Decision Processes in Health Agencies Donde Plowman Management

  Distorted and False Memories Brenda Hannon Psychology

  Educational Experiences of Latino Children Harriett Romo Sociology

  Elder Care of Hispanics Albert Valadez Counseling

  Ethnic Differences in Emotional Expression Ann Eisenberg Psychology

  Ethnic Differences in Perceptions of ADHD Dorothy Flannagan Psychology

  Genetics of Aging Andrew Martinez Biology

  GLBT Mental Health Issues Bibiana Gutierrez Counseling

  Health and Cancer Communication Melinda Villagran Communication

  Health Demography Richard Harris Sociology

  Hospice/End-of-Life Communication Elaine Wittenberg-Lyles Communication

  Individual Differences in Intelligence Thomas Coyle Psychology

  Learning and Cognition  Michael Ryan Psychology

  Mathematical Modeling of Behavior Mary Lou Zeeman Mathematics

  Measurement and Evaluation Arthur Hernandez Counseling

  Minority Mental Health/Depression Vulnerability Raymond T. Garza Psychology

  Multiculturalism and Diversity Marcheta Evans Counseling

  Neurobiological Bases of Memory Joe L. Martinez Biology

  Neurobiology of Aging E. J. Barea-Rodriguez Biology

  Perception and Judgment in ADHD David Pillow Psychology

  Public Policy Issues for Chicanos Rodolfo Rosales Political Science

  Racism Jose Macίas Bicultural Studies

  Reproductive Health; HIV/AIDS Thankam Sunil Sociology  

  Sexual Decision-Making Sara Oswalt Health & Kinesiology

  Social Cognition/Personality Robert Fuhrman Psychology

  Stereotypes and Social Perception Stella Garcia-Lopez Psychology

  Stress, Coping, and Well Being Mary McNaughton-Cassill Psychology

  Substance Abuse Jesse Zapata Public Policy