UTSA Alamo CIMA Mentor

Dr. Hongjie Xie

Satellite-Based Remote Sensing Applications for Polar Regions and Natural Disasters

Dr. Xie studies the cryosphere and natural disasters using satellite-based remote sensing and geospatial technology (Geographic Information System), to analyze large scale spatial patterns and changes. In particularly, for polar regions, laser altimetry, radar, and optical imagery will be used to classify sea ice type, measure sea ice thickness, map sea ice edge (such as the fast ice edge of McMurdo Sound, Antarctic), and map water bodies on ice shelf/glacier due to summer melting; for national disasters, satellite data will be used to rapidly identify the most damaged areas through mapping night-light declines due to power outage, evacuation, and property/facility damage. Two natural disasters: Hurricane Harvey in south Texas (August 2017) and the earthquake near Mexico City (magnitude 7.1, September 19, 2017) will be used as examples.


  • Basic Physics
  • Statistics
  • computer knowledge