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Before you place an order for any UTSA swag—no matter the quantity or price point—you will want to be sure the items are brand compliant.


UTSA offices wishing to order promotional items branded with UTSA’s official logos/wordmarks may do so as long as they follow relevant purchasing procedures , uses an official UTSA licensed vendor, and adheres to brand compliance guidelines as described below.

The staff in University Relations have vast expertise in working with vendors on a wide array of promotional items, from inexpensive giveaways to high-end gifts for donors or VIPs. They are always available to consult with you to provide vendor recommendations, tips for navigating UTSA’s purchasing process, and cost-effective ways to produce your event materials, t-shirts, tchotchkes, marketing collateral, and more.

In certain cases where the promotional items are relevant to a major institution-wide initiative or priority, University Marketing may be able to provide design and/or production coordination on your behalf.

Brand Compliance

Before placing an order for any promotional items, you are responsible for ensuring that the design complies with UTSA’s brand identity standards and use an official version of UTSA’s logo/wordmark. Be sure to send your design to University Marketing for a quick review if you are unsure of its brand compliance.


Joan Duncan
Project and Administrative Manager

Brett Calvert
Senior Executive Director, University Marketing