MarCom Studio


Working with the Media

Faculty and staff who are contacted by the news media are encouraged to consider sharing their expertise with reporters to help provide context for news articles.

For those faculty and staff who would like assistance in responding to the inquiry, preparing messaging, scheduling an interview or conducting follow-up research, please contact University Communications. A Public Affairs Specialist is available to assist you.

Inquiries related to institutional policy or university administrative matters should be directed to the Chief Communications Officer.

If a reporter contacts you:

  1. Obtain the name of the reporter, the media outlet they represent, the nature of the article and their deadline for an interview/information. Determine if you wish to participate, based on your subject matter expertise and comfort level.
  2. If you would like assistance, please contact University Communications. This will allow you to consult about the story opportunity, a messaging approach and the journalist’s reporting style, so you can decide if you want to be interviewed.
  3. University Communications can also serve as a liaison to the reporter if you desire, assisting with the facilitation of an interview or, if you wish, declining the opportunity.
  4. Treat all conversations with reporters as if they are “on the record.”

If a reporter inquires about university policy or administrative matters, please refer the reporter to UTSA’s Chief Communications Officer.