MarCom Studio


Signage and Large Format Graphics

Support and guidelines are available to help you with signage and large graphic projects.

Building and Departmental Identification Signs

UTSA’s Office of Facilities oversees the university’s exterior and interior signage standards in accordance with the Handbook of Operating Procedures 8.03. These standards ensure a consistent look throughout university buildings.

Promotional Signage and Large Graphics

If you are looking to produce large signs or graphics for an event or other major initiative, University Marketing can consult with you on design, vendor selection and production. Any large signs or banners intended for display on campus must follow the UTSA’s posting policies and branding standards.

Campus Pole Banners and Garage Banners

University Marketing oversees the development, production and placement of pole banners and garage banners across UTSA’s campuses.


Brett Calvert
Executive Director of University Marketing