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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 8 - Facilities and University Services
Publication Date: February 10, 2011
Policy Reviewed Date: February 17, 2022
Policy Owner: VP for Business Affairs

8.03 Remodeling and/or Alterations to University Facilities


Any modification, alteration, or addition to the physical structure of any University state-owned or leased facility or environs or grounds by a University department regardless of funding source, must be performed by the Office of Facilities (also referred to as Facilities), or a professionally licensed professional with oversight provided by Facilities. Some exceptions exist and are listed below in the "Scope" section of this policy.


It is in the best interests of the University, for personnel in the Office of Facilities to review and discuss design changes that may be required for the most efficient and effective utilization of facilities while maintaining regulatory requirements. Facilities, with the assistance and advice of EHSRM professionals and other subject matter experts, can assure that all changes are fully compliant with necessary building codes, safety and environmental regulations and other regulatory requirements. Facilities further assures that these changes are effectively performed by knowledgeable and appropriately licensed construction professionals to ensure work is consistent with State of Texas and institutional standards of quality.


This policy applies to all UTSA faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

The Office of Facilities has the responsibility for all maintenance, repair, upkeep, remodeling, alterations, and additions to all University physical facilities regardless of scope. This includes the general structures; all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; all infrastructure including fire and life safety systems, roads, grounds, landscape and hardscape; and equipment and modular furniture systems that impact building systems.

Exceptions to this are: (a) fire sprinkler systems maintained by Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM); (b) electronic security systems maintained by the University Police; (c) food service equipment maintained by Business Auxiliary Services or the University Center; (d) all normal housing maintenance (except where they may need or choose to engage University Facilities for supplemental maintenance services) will be overseen and managed by appropriately qualified staff employed by Housing and Residence Life; (e) minor maintenance (e.g. replacing damaged ceiling tiles, tightening loose chair rails, and interior patch and paint work) specifically approved by Facilities and overseen by appropriately trained staff employed by Campus Recreation Services and or the University Center; and (f) housekeeping performed by Student Affairs.



If you have any questions about HOP policy 8.03, Remodeling and/or Alterations to University Facilities, contact the following offices:

Associate Vice President for the Office of Facilities


Except as noted herein, the Office of Facilities is responsible for making or approving all modifications, alterations or additions to the physical structure of University facilities, and for providing appropriate communication and coordination with offices affected by such modifications, alterations or additions in accordance with established Facilities Communications Policy, as far in advance of the alterations as may be reasonably possible.

The Associate Vice President for Facilities is responsible for granting any additional exceptions to this policy.


Except as described above, only personnel approved by the Office of Facilities can construct, fabricate or otherwise alter any University facility, including interior and exterior infrastructure. This prohibition includes minor utility changes to the systems as installed in the buildings as well as any action that may have an impact on building systems.

When work is required to modify, alter or add to the physical structure of University state-owned facility, a work order request must be completed as described in Administrative Guideline - Institutionally Managed Capital Projects.


Personnel in the Office of Facilities are available to review and discuss design changes that may be required for the most efficient and effective utilization of facilities while maintaining regulatory requirements.


iService Desk - UTSA Work Request Form:

UTSA Office of Facilities Website:


Administrative Guideline: Institutionally Managed Capital Projects: