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base, post

Air Force facilities are bases. Army facilities are known as posts. To refer to both, use military installations.

Local military installations:
Fort Sam Houston (Army post)
Lackland AFB (base)
Randolph AFB (base)

Battle of Flowers Parade

One event during Fiesta, a weeklong San Antonio celebration. Usually held on or near April 21.

Black (adj.)

May be used for individuals, groups or culture. African American is acceptable for an American of African descent. Do not use either term as a singular or plural noun, unless in direct quotation. Phrasing such as Black people, white people, Black teachers, white students is preferable when clearly relevant. This is an update to AP style in 2020.


Capitalize as part of the formal name:

the Teacher Retirement System of Texas Board of Trustees, the University of Texas System Board of Regents

The board of trustees met to discuss the issue at last night’s meeting.




Use brackets to add explanations or corrections to quoted material (an exception to AP style):

"We can talk about theory, but [students] need to learn how to translate what they are learning in school into a real situation," Tangum said.

Use brackets as parentheses within parentheses:

The game has been immortalized in articles and a book (Harry Walters, The Game That Went Down in History [New York: Good Sports Press, 1987]).

Brooks City-Base

Formerly Brooks AFB.


Spell out the names of buildings on first reference; abbreviations may be used on second reference:

  • Applied Engineering and Technology Building—AET
  • Arts Building—ART
  • Biosciences Building—BSB
  • Biotechnology Sciences and Engineering Building—BSE
  • Bosque Street Building—BOS (formerly Physical Plant Building)
  • Buena Vista Street Building—BVB
  • Business Building—BB
  • Business Services Annex—BSA
  • Center for Archaeological Research—CAR
  • Central Receiving and Warehouse—CRW
  • Convocation Center—CC or Convo
  • Durango Building—DBB
  • Engineering Building—EB
  • Flawn Science Building—FLN
  • Frio Street Building—FS
  • Graduate School and Research Building—GSR
  • H-E-B Student Union—HSU (formerly H-E-B University Center)
  • Institute of Texan Cultures—ITC
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Building—IAB (formerly Physical Education Building)
  • John Peace Library Building—JPL
  • Large-Scale Testing Laboratory—LST
  • Main Building—MB
  • Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratories—MBT
  • McKinney Humanities Building—MH (formerly Humanities and Social Sciences Building)
  • Multidisciplinary Studies Building—MS
  • Monterey Building—MNT
  • North Paseo Building—NPB
  • Recreation Wellness Center—RWC
  • Roadrunner Café—RRC
  • Science and Engineering Building—SEB
  • Student Union—SU (formerly University Center)

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